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Did you know that by partnering with Emergent, you can build more aesthetically pleasing homes quicker at no additional cost? 

Due to automation, fewer labor hours are required to construct these homes than in conventional construction.  Emergent's builds increase workforce skills while decreasing turnover without impacting construction costs. Additionally, this construction method is less physically demanding, reducing worker burnout and turnover and attracting a new generation of workers that embraces technology.

Furthermore, Emergent Homes present nearly limitless design capabilities compared to conventional construction. The design flexibility for attractive yet durable units addresses the need to create a long-term housing solution for communities.  With an Emergent Home, housing is no longer restricted by “square, straight and plumb” – we can print unique curves and provide organic shape to the structure. These units are lower maintenance, weather resilient, and longer lasting, preserving the local housing stock and creating blight-tolerant structures. 

Our highly-experienced team is ready to fulfill the build you have in mind; from single-family homes to developments by the hundreds, we've got you covered.



Expedite housing development and workforce development for disaster recovery.

Partnering with Emergent will help you develop a sustainable local workforce by equipping them with tech construction skills. Employing our construction method leads to less turnover in the labor force due to worker burnout and is less physically demanding. Our innovative builds save time on construction, producing more housing units quicker at no additional cost. Emergent Homes will allow you to expedite economic recovery in your community through housing production and workforce development. Be the model for creating disaster-resilient housing and sustainable communities.

You can be confident in our established Community Development team. We understand your needs and are prepared to work with your city to provide better housing solutions for all.



Choose Emergent Homes to fast-track disaster recovery, affordable housing, and homelessness recovery efforts.

With Emergent, families from all backgrounds can have safer, disaster-resilient homes, reducing the burden on local economies after disasters. Our homes are also energy-efficient and use sustainable materials, making for a climate-conscious building alternative.

Our builds can be helpful at various socioeconomic levels, including those taking the first step in their home-owning journey.  This, in turn, instills pride in ownership, thereby maintaining beautiful neighborhoods for years to come. Emergent Homes also reduce waste and shorten the construction supply chain, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

Furthermore, our dual wall construction design does not use wall studs, maximizing energy efficiency, as there is limited thermal transfer, producing a highly energy-efficient unit. Who doesn’t love a lower energy bill?

Let the depth and breadth of our talented team, knowledge base, and best practices support your organization in building something incredible together.



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We'd love to speak with you about how Emergent can help bring better housing solutions on behalf of your organization. 


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